Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tax breaks

Here in the heart of US tax time I again find myself wondering why more nonprofits are not taking their businesses into the for-profit arena.  With politicians climbing over each other to give tax breaks (at least in the House) and spending being slashed, I would think more nonprofits would want to take advantage of the environment by spinning off a for-profit entity.  Much like there's nothing stopping a non-profit from making money, there's also nothing forcing a for-profit to be too greedy - as long as they don't go with an IPO and bring in outside shareholders.

Besides, with many nonprofits being required to make "payments in lieu of taxes" (a cute workaround for the word "taxes"), I would venture to say that there are for-profits competing with non-profits that pay less in taxes than non-profits.

Just sayin...

Would be great if an accountant weighed in on this.


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