Monday, June 27, 2011

Do You Have a Strategy?

Have you developed a strategy for your organization?  Or are you trapped in wishful thinking?  Some state a strategy that is so much of a stretch, it sets their people up for failure.  Others confuse goals with strategy.  The concept of "Bad Strategy" has gained some traction, and an article that makes the distinction between effective strategy and "Bad Strategy" clear can be found at the McKinsey Quarterly site here.

As a social worker who is a project manager, ensuring solid linkage between my projects' objectives and the nonprofit organizations' strategies is a critical success factor.  That is, a project that achieves objectives aligned with "Bad Strategy" will have poor results, even if the project is successfully executed.

If we all read and utilize the information in this article, "Bad Strategy" might become a lot harder to find. 

Management in the Not for Profit Organization