Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NPManagement articles about teams are buzzing again

Articles about teams on the NPManagement.org site have surged again.  This happens quite frequently.  Sometimes they stray from the top for a month or two, but there is always a resurgence of interest.

Is this because many recognize the power of teamwork and they want to tweak and slightly improve what their teams deliver?  I doubt it. 

My guess is they are members of teams that are major sources of headaches and they're looking for something to make that dull throb in their foreheads lighten up a bit.  I hope they find the info on the site helpful.  If even a few people find something that helps them obtain the sense of mission, empowerment, and sheer energy that comes with great teamwork, the site is well worth all the effort that this team puts into it.


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