Monday, October 17, 2011

New article at about making management decisions

We will miss Steve Jobs.  He drove the invention of things that I didn't know I wanted, and soon I needed them.  But it wasn't his legendary force of will alone that led to success, it was also because Mr. Jobs put the "art" back in smart.  His decisions were often risky and frequently brilliant.  Mistakes?  Of course.  That comes with taking risks (and with being human), but the payoffs more than made up for any losses.  A lot more.

This post isn't meant to be an homage to Steve Jobs and the NPManagement article isn't the secret to having his success.  However, the article "The Art and Skill of Decision-Making: Are you making good managerial decisions?  Are you sure?" addresses some major pitfalls in how we make decisions.  These are not problems that arise due to a manager being substandard in some way.  They arise because managers are human.

If you're human, you might want to take a peek.


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